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Jul. 11th, 2007

So Sabres Rookie Camp.

Holy crap was it cold inside, lol. I guess I was used to the 90 degrees outside. And I loved the looks I got with my "Buffalo Believe, Now it's our turn" shirt. I CAN AND WILL STILL WEAR IT, kthanks.

2 different rinks made it so hard to watch because I wanted to watch everyone!
Kaleta, Mancari, TJ Brennan, Nathan Gerbe, etc were all on the 1st with Lindy. Stafford, Clarkie, etc on the other with McCutcheon, Corsi and James Patrick.

I felt like I should have brought a notebook, haha.

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Pictures here.

Seeing HP & OOTP tomorrowwwwwww. And maybe the Square. Saturday I'm getting my hair cut. :)
And what's with all the new and good cd's? SK6ERS, now The Rocket Summer... I'm LOVING it.